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GTK-Wimp ("Windows impersonator") is a GTK+ theme that integrates well with the Microsoft Windows desktop environment. GTK-Wimp was created by Raymond Penners, based upon code from Redmond95 by Owen Taylor and Nativewin by Evan Martin. It is now maintained by Dominic Lachowicz.


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GTK-Wimp 0.7.0 (Monday, 27 June 2005)

  • Menu/toolbars have a gradient applied to them
  • Better handling of menu/toolbar shadows, even tracking how the theme is using them
  • Sliders (GTK+ calls them "scales") now use WinXP theming
  • Apps with status bars now get the WinXP status bar grippie drawn properly
  • Toolbar grippies are drawn nicely too
  • Notebook tabs now get that orange stripe across their top
  • A host of scrollbar bugs are fixed
  • Other misc things

GTK-Wimp integrated into GTK+ (Tuesday, 31 August 2004)

GTK-Wimp has been integrated into GTK+. As part of the integration, it has been renamed to "MS-Windows Engine". If the need arises, it is still possible to release a GTK-Wimp version separately from GTK+. However, the goal is to play nice with the GTK+ release cycle. Details:

  • The trigger to the integration was GTK+ bug 109615
  • The CVS archive at SourceForge is now officialy obsolete.
  • The new location is gtk+/modules/engines/ms-windows/ over at GNOME CVS.
  • Please use GNOME's bugzilla from now on to report problems and patches.

GTK-Wimp 0.6.2 released (Tuesday, 24 August 2004)

Superfluous scrollbars (scrollbars whose page length is greater than the maximum range) are now drawn disabled. Proper gripper drawing for handle boxes/toolbars. HandleBoxes and Toolbars are etched-in now.

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